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Does a software exist to control a BioShake 3000/5000 elm with an external computer on the lab bench or in the office ?

The BioShake modules for lab automation are completely equipped for hands-free operation with an extensive remote command set for easy software integration. Through the integrated microelectronics, no other external components and control devices are necessary. An automatic initialization will start after turn on.

The BioShake can be operated via RS232/USB user interface. A simple command set allows you to easily control all parameters for initialization, starting, stopping, acceleration, speed, temperature, and ELM clamp mechanism.

All process parameters are controlled and readout. Features include a precise home position every time the unit stops, text status output, and error control.

For test purposes and to control a BioShake module with an external computer we offer 2 different software free of charge.

QCOM1: Instructions for BioShake Control - test software 

QCOM1 is a simple test tool for Windows to start using the shaker in moments and to exercise all shaker features.

Plug in the RS232 cable from the single BioShake module into a free port of your computer. If it’s necessary, please use a USB/RS232 converter.

Download the QCOM1.exe (120 kB) from the download area to your PC.

QCOM2: Instructions for BioShake Control - test software

QCOM 2 is a small test software with a graphical user interface (GUI) to control lab automation instruments from QInstruments, eg. BioShake, ColdPlate, HeatPlate. The main purpose of QCOM 2 is to get easy access to the unit to execute initial testing.

To start the program, execute QCOM2.exe. By default, the program scans through the available COM ports and detects if a supported QInstruments device is connected to that port. The first valid device that is found is used, the scanning process is stopped, and the program starts using the identified device. Device features will be detected at start-up, and the GUI will be adapted to the following features: mixing, ELM, temperature control.

Download the QCOM2 (zip, 10 MB) from the download area to your PC.

Please read the manual for more information:

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